Denver Plotter Repairs – We Can Help!

URS-ResponseNeed Plotter Repairs? We Can Help!

We receive a great deal of business from architect companies and engineering firms after they have experienced an issue with their plotter or wide format printer. You have to choose your company carefully because some will take days before they service your printer. This means the valuable loss of time, which could mean missed deadlines and lost clients. Our company uses a technician that can service your printer on site because we understand that waiting a few days will mean the difference between receiving a job and not receiving one.

Already cutting the deadline close? This is why we have hired multiple technicians who have undergone a rigorous training program to have your plotter repaired within a couple hours. If you hire us, your average repair time will be under three hours. When you take your printer to a factory, this could take days, and it becomes a hassle to have to move it around. With us, that becomes a problem of the past! We have experience repairing HPs, Oce and Canon.

Here are some of the wide format machines that we have serviced in the past:

  • HP T1500
  • HP Z5200
  • HP Z5400
  • Oce PW340
  • Oce PW900
  • Canon IPF 815
  • Canon IPF 825

Your engineering company depends on great repair services. Without it, you will miss deadlines and lose clients, and the print quality of your wide format could suffer if it is not being repaired correctly. Do not let that happen. Call now!