HP Z6200 Plotter Sales in Denver

hpOverview of the HP Z6200

Looking for a 60″ encrypted HP Designjet Z6200? If so, we can assist. Encrypted simply means that we take an additional measure of data security, which will be built into your printer. However, this has no effect on the daily operation of your machine. What can this HP page wide machine offer? First, it offers print speeds of up to 1,500 square feet per hour. In addition, Z6200 features the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor, also called OMAS.

The automated servicing routine will prevent nozzle clogs and media waste. What else do customers like about the Z6200? the vivid photo inks dry fast, which means you will have a fast turnaround for applications. In terms of photographic output, there are three shades of black HP inks, which can produce amazing quality in optical density. The embedded spectrophotometer generates custom ICC profiles, and this will ensure unparalleled color accuracy and consistency. What are some of the gamuts covered?

  • ISO
  • TOYO
  • 3DAP
  • SWOP

As a wide format printer, this machine works great, and you can occasionally find them on discount. If you choose this printer, you will be choosing the pinnacle of HP engineering, and this machine will become an invaluable asset to your business. As an engineer or architect, your clients often want to see your plans communicated in a clear and concise manner. The HP Z6200 can provide that assistance.