Should I Outsource Blueprint Printing?

Plotwave500One of the big questions we run into is when a company is trying to make the determination if they should outsource or insource their wide format printing.  We have found by the time most people think to ask the question, they can certainly use our services.  We have some wide format printers for rent which can save a lot of money compared to oursourcing 100 jobs to a printer.

What are some common advantages or renting a wide format printer vs sending the jobs out?

  • Full control – If the print looks off, you can print it again without missing a deadline
  • Privacy – Others can’t see the projects you are working on
  • Cost Savings – If you spend more than $200 a month on printing, we can probably help you and even if you are not saving a ton you will gain the convenience.  Typically, the more you are spending, the more we can save you.
  • Turnaround time – Rather than waiting a few days for a print to come back, you can have the job in minutes.

2015-05-17_1724We love helping Denver companies get the perfect wide format printers for those doing design or blueprint drawings. We know if you only do one print a month, we are not for you, but for those who are asking the question, we generally have a solution that will meet your budget goals as well as your convenience goals.